How We Care For Your Watch

Service Process

STEP 1 – Disassembly

The bracelet is detached, the movement is separated from the case and the case is completely disassembled.

STEP 2 – Cleaning the movement

The mechanism is dismantled and every part is cleaned removing any previous lubrication in a state of the art cleaning machine.

STEP 3 – Replacement of components

Each individual part is examined and any worn or damaged parts are replaced with new parts.

STEP 4 – Lubrication and Reassembly

Each working component of the watch is oiled or greased using the most advanced lubricants. The case is reassembled and all the seals are re-lubricated or replaced.

Service Process
Service Process

STEP 5 – Refinishing the case and bracelet

The watch case is rigorously tested to ensure it is completely water resistant to factory specifications. During the final quality check, the automatic winding and the accuracy of the watch is tested. The case and bracelet are cleaned using ultrasonics and then re-polished (Service and Polish Package). Every timepiece after full service is covered by a minimum 12-month guarantee.